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Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine

This place, The Sichuan University of Higher Cuisine is the same place that Fuschia Dunlop studied. She has written 2 of the best books on Chinese cuisine that have ever been published. I have traveled to Chengdu a few times and always enjoyed the city but thought that the school was a bit full of […]

Menkobo Soba

I had a plan on my recent trip to Tokyo which was to revisit a few of my favorite ramen shops to study how the bowls noodles were composed, have an evening of laughter and revelry with my old staff of cooks that worked for me at the Grand Hyatt and take a class on […]

Stage at 28 HuBin Rd

Hangzhou is one of the nicer cities in China. The West Lake and surrounding mountains and tea plantations make it a bit more relaxed than its hyper frenetic neighbor Shanghai. The region boasts some amazing food stuffs and they are known for their delicate touch when it comes to appetizers. I spent a week at […]

Stage at Noble Court

These photos are from a two week stage at Noble Court-the Cantonese outlet at Grand Hyatt Beijing. My goal was to spend a bit of time in the dim sum kitchen. I really wanted to learn the procedure for making ha cheong fun-those rice noodle sheets stuffed with minced pork or shrimp. But the main […]

Stage at Made in China Stage

I spent a week at Made In China the Northern Chinese outlet at Grand Hyatt Beijing. The main goal was to learn about the techniques for preparing traditional Beijing Duck. The procedure is complex and takes 3 days-far beyond the preparation for Hong Kong style duck. Thus far I have yet to eat a proper […]

Immersion Chiang Mai

Having left Thailand a bit “under the gun” had me weary about going back. I had a tough run there as a chef setting up restaurants while the airport was being shut down, the Asean summit being fire-bombed and the capital city shutting down and descending into a kind of civil war for months. But, […]

Japanese Beef

I am 99.9 % sure that “Kobe Beef Slider” is nothing remotely akin to real Kobe Beef Though cattle were brought to Japan to provide power to farmers in the 2nd century AD they, as well as all hoofed animals, were forbidden for consumption as per the dietary laws of Buddhism. Soldiers were exempt from […]

Harvest Moon Farms

Harvest Moon Farms LLC (HMF) is a value added farm and food company that grows certified organic produce to serve the local market of Chicago. The company grows approximately fifty varieties of crops on a 20-acre farm located in Viroqua, Wisconsin. HMF also aggregates the same varieties plus other products to expand quantity and availability […]