A few years ago I did a ramen tour in Fukuoka and stumbled upon this place that has yet to be replaced as the best bowl of ramen I’ve ever eaten.

First let me say that food in this part of Japan is radically different than further up north as Korea and China are closer than a lot of Japan. There is much more liberal use of garlic, chiles, and sesame oil which ads ridiculous umami and depth to the street food.

Pictured with me is Mark Miller, one of the great palates and chefs, my main culinary and travel mentor. Over the years we have had many great meals together.

The broth looks super spicy but it was just perfectly warm and lingering. The noodles, chewy and perfect for holding onto that wonderful broth. And the pork, well lets just say the pigs in this part of the world give pause to Berkshires or Iberico….must get back there-soon!