These photos are from a two week stage at Noble Court-the Cantonese outlet at Grand Hyatt Beijing. My goal was to spend a bit of time in the dim sum kitchen. I really wanted to learn the procedure for making ha cheong fun-those rice noodle sheets stuffed with minced pork or shrimp. But the main reason was to learn the procedure for making Hong Kong style roast meats. Ever since my first trip to China Town I was fascinated by the image of those amazing ducks hanging in the windows of those Cantonese eateries. Each day on this stage I would work with the chef de cuisine. We would prepare the product for the next days roasting: 20-40 ducks, 2-5 squab, 5 pork belly, 4 suckling pigs, loads of char siu, 5 soya chickens and then roast all those items we prepped the day before. Lots of sampling along the way.