So this was the market that I shopped at for myself as well as where I would go with my sous chefs to find new products to cook. It was right down the street from the Park Hyatt and took some getting used to after 2 years in Japan. That being said, I did always manage to find great, seasonal produce, excellent pork, occasionally great seafood and all the Chinese condiments you could ever hope to experiment with.

Well my fave food market is Tsukiji in Tokyo. Fish is my favorite thing to eat and cook and the character of this market is just so fascinating. My first trip there was the day after I landed for my post at the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi. I did the tour with Tetsuya Wakuda….pretty stellar huh. Over the years I have been able to tour the market around 30 times and always would see countless new ingredients. Then there is the food…..oh my the food! ramen, grilled eel, fresh soy milk, crab tomago, tempura udon and of course endless sushi and sashimi. Its a shame that the old market will be closing its door this year but nothing lasts forever. I am truly grateful that I have gotten to experience this culinary gem. Arigato gozaimasu!